Spying on Whales

Alex created a suite of original linocuts and scratchboard illustrations for the book Spying on Whales, written by Smithsonian researcher and curator Nick Pyenson and published by Viking Books.


Sazerac cocktail museum

The Sazerac House, soon to be opening in New Orleans, is a museum dedicated to the history of cocktails. Alex created a series of botanical paintings depicting the plants used to make bitters, as well as a series of pen & ink illustrations describing the processes of distilling rum and whiskey.


Spot a Shark USA

Alex teamed with Spot A Shark USA, a citizen-science program promoting Sand Tiger Shark conservation, to create a collection of outreach materials for dive shops and boats along the Atlantic Coast


Stanford hopkins marine station

As artist-in-residence at Hopkins Marine Station, Alex created illustrations to help communicate the research of the Goldbogen Lab. Jeremy Goldbogen, along with his killer team of grad students and post-docs, studies filter-feeders, from the 15 cm long northern anchovy (Engraulis mordax) to the 25 m blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus)